I'm a Minimalist and I Still Love Photos

I'm a Minimalist and I Still Love Photos

I only print the photos I love.

For pictures taken with my phone, I have them backed up to Icedrive. Since storage space is limited, it's an encouragement to clean up my digital photos.

I limit the storage of physical photos too. My husband and I each have our own personal photo album.

We have two family photo albums, one for Instax photos and one for 4x6 photos. We also each have a wall display in our main hallway for both photos and cards.

When those areas get full, I don't buy more photo storage. Instead, I let go of pictures that are just OK and keep only the best.

Boxes overflowing with old photos do not exist in my house, which is nice. I prefer storing my photos in a way that's easy for myself, friends, and family to browse and enjoy.

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