What Do I Write When Metrics Don't Matter?

I want to make this little blog more of a space for my writings, whatever they are. But when it comes to doing whatever you want on the modern Internet, I couldn't but help run into a major mental block.

There are so few spaces online where you can just write stuff and share it and feel okay about it. Always in the back of your mind is that voice that goes, "Will it be popular? Will other people ever read it? What are the metrics?"

The modern Internet is full of so many instruments of judgement that it's hard to just let go and do what you want. Thanks to social media, there is also very little control of even how what you create looks. From Instagram to Twitter, each social media site has their own layout, and there's nothing in the interface that is truly your own.

So when you do have the opportunity to write whatever you feel like where metrics and likes and sharing doesn't really matter, it's like, "What do I do with it? What do I write???" That's why my this little blog is the way it is--that is rarely updated.

I've been given some freedom, and I have no clue to do with it. And as a writer who also writes "polished" blog posts, it's super important for me to have a playground--a place where I can just write publicly with more freedom. If I don't have an open space to play with my words, I run the risk of my polished blog becoming a regurgitation of the same old stuff--like a You Tube Channel or Instagram account.

Play allows me to grow as a writer and take things in new and fresh directions...but back to the main point here: What is there to write when metrics don't matter? When you don't have to impress anyone and it's just putting things that you like, whatever they are, out there?

The cool thing is that I actually came across some links from other personal blogs with some thoughts on the "what do I write now?" dilemma.

Here are some helpful articles I enjoyed:

So going forward, if I just have one word or one link to share on this extra blog, I won't hold back. I'll make sure not to undervalue my words, no matter how few.

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